Industry and Agriculture
Post by: 陈冠豪 March 05 2019 1538comment

With a full catalog of industries and supporting facilities, Hefei is a new booming industrial city featuring manufacturing. Eight key industries have taken shape, comprising auto-making,equipment manufacturing, house-hold appliance, chemical industry and tyre, IT and software, new materials, biotechnology and new medicine, food and in-depth processing of agricultural and sideline products. The high-tech industry gears up and progresses rapdly, leading other pillar industries with full vitality. Hefei can produce about 2,000 categories of products, Many brand-name products like JAC truck, Meiling and Royalstar household appliance, Guofeng Plastics, Heli Forklift, Gt Tire, Hitachi Excavator are well known far and near.

According to the industrial development plan till 2012, all the industrial departments of the city should concentrate on the realization of two transforms in way of thinking concerning concept and development and focus their efforts on the reform, reorganization, upgrading and better management of enterprises. To improve the quality of the economic growth and the performance of the economy, great efforts should be made to optimize the industrial structure, product mix and the structure of enterprises. The development of the four pillar industries shall be accelerated, new industries actively fostered, the traditional industries upgraded, energy and basic raw material industries further strengthened and with the priority given to the construction and development of the 4218 Project.

The year of 2012 witnessed a fast growth in industrial production. The SOEs and the non-SOEs with an annual sales volume exceeding 5 million RMB (thereafter referred to as above-scale industrial enterprises) realized an add value of 165.354 billion RMB, increased by 17.4%, of the above-scale industrial enterprises, those from heavy industry realized 100.026 billion, increased by 18%, while those from light industry realized 65.328 billion, increase by 16.5%.

In 2012, the annual grain total output was 3.0338million tons, increased by 4.9% over last year. For cash crops, cotton output decreased to 33,600 tons, 5.3% down, while oil-bearing crop increased to 334,700 tons, 35.9% up, and the yield of vegetables amounted to 1,907,000 tons, 19.5% up.

Animal husbandry and aquaculture sector saw a stable growth. The aggregated annual meat production reached 472,100 tons, increased by 5.5% over last year, egg production reached 192,800 tons, increased by 6.6%, the aquatic production increased by 6.3% and amounted to 215,700 tons. By the end of 2012, the total mechanical power of agricultural machinery added up to 3,783,700 kilowatts, tractors accounted to 216,000, farm transporters decreased to 17,000. The electricity consumption in rural area reached 1.444 billion megawatts.