Economic Strength
Post by: 陈冠豪 March 06 2019 1661comment

By making good use of the abundant resources of land and natural minerals, advantages in science and education and low labor cost, Hefei is now in a prime period with the highest speed in development and the best quality in economic operation.


In the year of 2012, the whole city realized 416.43 billion RMB in GDP. The fiscal revenue was 69.436 billion, increased by 11.3%, of which local revenue was 38.95 billion with an increase of 15.1%, the import and export volume totaled 17.642 billion dollars, increased by 43.3%, of which export volume was 13.628 billion dollars with an increase of 74.3%.



With a full catalog of industries and supporting facilities, Hefei is a new booming industrial city featuring manufacturing. Eight key industries have taken shape, comprising auto-making,equipment manufacturing, house-hold appliance, chemical industry and tyre, IT and software, new materials, biotechnology and new medicine, food and in-depth processing of agricultural and sideline products. The high-tech industry gears up and progresses rapdly, leading other pillar industries with full vitality. Hefei can produce about 2,000 categories of products, Many brand-name products like JAC truck, Meiling and Royalstar household appliance, Guofeng Plastics, Heli Forklift, Gt Tire, Hitachi Excavator are well known far and near.