Cultural and Educational Undertakings
Post by: 陈冠豪 March 06 2019 1564comment

Thanks to the great attention paid by leaders at different levels and the joint efforts made by educational workers in Hefei, Deng Xiaoping Theory has been upheld, Party's educational policies have been implemented, reforms deepened and remarkable achievements made in different kinds of educational fields. The gratifying results made in the nine-year compulsory education and illiteracy elimination among the young and middle-aged have been carried forward. Great progress has been made in senior secondary education. Vocational and adult training for skill acknowledgement, secondary and elementary education are continuing to develop healthily in Hefei.



By the end of 2012, there were totally in Hefei 60 regular institutions of higher learning with an enrollment of 425,137 students. There were 113 high schools with 155,976 students, 250 middle schools with 228,768 students, 964 primary schools with 406,715 students. There were also 140,900 students in secondary vocational schools(except technical schools), 964 students in special education schools.