Functional positioning
Post by: 陈冠豪 March 06 2019 1548comment

hefei international talent city is located in the phase ii of Hefei high-tech industrial development zone innovation industrial park with three floors.

Talent city is designed as a comprehensive service platform integrating high-end talent services, entrepreneurship project incubation, talent achievement display, resource sharing and exchange, and integrating government, enterprises, social organizations and professionals. We will focus on building a talent service area that integrates the four functions of exhibition platform, service platform, communication platform and entrepreneurship platform.

The exhibition platform, will focus on the development process of talent work of Anhui and Hefei,also the scientific and technological achievements by famous professionals from Anhui province. Talent work would be displayed and promoted through our exhibition hall, website and activities.

The service platform, will be open to high-level innovative and entrepreneurial talents at home and abroad. Service Windows will be set up for entry and exit, residence, talent recognition, policy support, project application, housing, school enrollment and medical care services. An online talent service platform will be built to provide one-stop service for high-level talents.

Communication platform, will provide the meeting rooms and negotiation rooms,and we will regularly release talent policies and talents recruiting information and organize activities such as training, salon. The municipal association of high-level innovative entrepreneurial talents and western returned scholar association  also use our platform as their activity base.

Entrepreneurship platform, we will timely introduce science and technology, finance, entrepreneurial institutions and also domestic and overseas organizations to help high-level talent for their innovation and entrepreneurship.

Hefei international talent city relies on the talent network of hefei city and focuses on the innovation and entrepreneurship needs of talents, and forms the four platforms and act as a high-end place where international talents gather and share.